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When's the BETA out speculation thread FM 21

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Just now, CaptainPanty said:

if you look closely on steam, the FM 21 cover show two players, one is number 15 and other one is 21!


15h21 release confirmed!!

Mirror it. 12.51 will be the release time.

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2 minutes ago, PhilT said:

I'm here boys - all shaved & kitted out. I'm wearing that dress (look up "Liz Hurley - that dress" for details.) I fit it much better


You read my mind

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1 hora atrás, kevhamster disse:

If you put it down to low or very low, it'll be fine.  It won't look great, but it'll be reasonably smooth.

Based on my own experience with the Intel integrated graphics, much more than that sees the framerate tank in game.

I'm used to play on a AMD mobility HD 5470 or wtv it is, so I hope to at least not be slow in the 3d menus when my Integrated GPU is 600x faster then the Radeon one. 

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