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[Suggestion] Ability for manager to go on intensive language courses.


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Apologies if this has been suggested before however I thought I'd bring it up. I'd like an option to be added to allow the manager to go on language courses like staff and players can. In my current save I've just moved from England to Spain and don't speak a word of spanish, This should be an option to help my manager and should be payable by the club like training courses and ideally and option for the manager to do it as well.


It should work exactly like the player and staff and how successful you are should depend on you Adaptability and Determination. While i'm not 100% sure how it effects things in game in my suggestion it will improve your Managerial Support and increase the speed of tactical knowledge, potentially improving relationship with the board, staff, players and fans. If anyone has any additional suggestions to build on this and I'll update this post with ones I like with credit.

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