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Dortmund today gameplay

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10 saat önce, Experienced Defender said:

In terms of formation, this looks like a 4231.

But I don't quite understand your question: 

Could you reformulate it in a more understandable way?

Sorry.  im not native speaker.  Sometimes I cannot express myself properly and I cannot get the full efficiency from translation.  What roles or instructions can we give in the game to achieve these average positions I want to explain?  As far as I understand, the game is played in the left zone and a goal is scored in the right zone.  I wonder how you think this might happen in these average positions in the game




In my opinion, the right wing is entering middle, maybe IF, but he can take this position with the AP-attack and play the instruction in the wide field.  And the role of mezzela can pass to the wing  I haven't thought much about wingback.  I just tried to get their roles in the game that they were so good.  Am-at and ap-attack roles may conflict.  maybe ss-attack role (number 19 player in picture) . I have no idea how the midfield should be.  I am asking yours opinion on this subject. 

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1 hour ago, neptune'sblue said:

As far as I understand, the game is played in the left zone and a goal is scored in the right zone.  I wonder how you think this might happen in these average positions in the game

So we have an overload on the left side to free up the space on the right for a player to take advantage of. Assuming they played in a 4231 system, this is an example of how it could possibly be replicated:


IFsu        AMat        IWat

DLPde  BWMsu

WBsu   CD   CD    WBsu

But I have not watched the match, so I cannot say for sure if they were set up like this or something else.

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I saw the highlights of the game - Dortmund rotate from 343 to 433 to 4321. 
From what I saw today it looked 

                         CFA ( Haaland)

IWS.   (Reyna). SS. (Brandt) IWA Sancho

               BBM mahoud cmd Delaney 

WBA Guerrio                      Fbs meunier 

       CDD akanji.     Bpd hummels 

                         SKs Burki 


It’s hard interpreting real life one off matches into fm but the key features for me of Dortmund are

The left fb is by far more attacking

The midfield is all about work rate and protecting the cb’s.

Sancho is the chief creator, he’s a bit of everything but for fm I would use IWA with roam from position, and some ppis to get in box, cut inside etc

Brandt and Reyna are the legs, the runners, Brandt is a top player, prob more suited in fm to AM or AP as the ball recycles a lot through him but in  this game he was a lot closer to Haaland. 

Haaland is Just on a different planet. He’s the complete forward. In FM terms maybe he’s more an AF 


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I'd start with Haaland, Sancho and Guerreiro first, then build the rest of the team around them.

Guerreiro is often in the final third and scores the odd goal. Maybe a CWB-A.

Sancho can be anything really and is everywhere. Some sort of a playmaker role will do, but with mobility. One of the best in between the lines creator. Maybe a Trequartista in the AMCR/AMR slot.

Haaland, that would depend on the line of engagement, but I quite fancy the DLF-A or PF-A.

Someone has to compensate for Guerreiro's runs, so maybe a BWM/Carrilero but that depends on what else you want the player to do (Also depends on the player's attributes/PPMs).

Good luck!

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