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New Cup Not Appearing In Game


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Very new to using the editor and have browsed this forum extensively looking for an answer but not found one which makes me believe I am missing something really stupid. I am trying to create a global, 256 straight knockout tournament. 8 teams from 32 pre-defined countries. I followed a guide I found on Squawka for editing the rules and creating the competition, however the cup just doesn't appear in the game (I have tried simming through a full year in case it was an issue with the first season). I tested it at the end and it said it was fine, and other changes like removing the Carabao Cup have appeared in the game file.

I am only using the basic rules and have included screenshots from the set-up. Please excuse how its named as that is my frustration showing :D






I have tried numerous solutions like changing the continents, manually adding "registered teams for 2019" to the cup main page, changing the cup type to domestic cup etc. 

Any ideas?



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1 hour ago, Wolf_pd said:

From a technical point of view world is considered a continent in the game, so, no joke.

Is because I wanted to make my Invitational a true worldwide cup, but I was refrained to only include european, now I will try to see if I can get more teams from America, Africa and Asia into it

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