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Players don't attempt to score rebounds - unrealistic

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I'm new to this game and apart from enjoying it, sometimes I find some frustrating "bugs" or scenarios that don't feel real at all. Among other things, I have noticed the completely unrealistic lost interest in rebound ball. For example, my players aren't the best so they miss penalties a lot. I have no problem with that (although I have two penalty takers with penalty stats 13 and 15 and both have less than 50 % success rate, technique stat 13 and 14... They more often miss the goal entirely than have the penalty caught. Might be just a bad form/luck, IDK). 
My issue is with rebounds (in general, not just penalties). Whenever the ball bounces off the goalie/defender/post, players seem to lose interest in it and don't attempt to kick it again - often they just run away as if to defend a lost possession or just stand there. A blatant example is this missed penalty I just recorded - the ball rebounds off the post on the other side of the keeper, but the player just stands there and waits for the keeper to get up, run the 10 meters and collect the ball. 

I'd call this a bug in the game, since it's supposed to be somewhat of a simulator. Anyone having similar problems? (Also, in real life, all the players are ready to rush in into the box for potential rebounds once the kick takes place, again, here it doesn't happen).

Solutions I've tried: I have tried whether the regroup/counterpress instructions don't affect the players' behavior after such "lost possession" (i.e. ball a meter away from them), but my settings are always on counterpress so they are supposed to try to win it back ASAP.

I'm playing the up-to-date FM2020 (as of Oct 23 2020).

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FYI- in a penalty situation, the player taking the penalty cannot touch the ball again after taking the penalty until it is touched by another player- so rebounds off the woodwork will require another player to touch it, hence why they stand still.  Those are the laws of the game.

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3 hours ago, ThinkZebras said:

Ah, ok, didn't know that. Still, all the other players should be ready then, none of them seemed too eager to even come close.

I agree that the other players do not appear to be ready to move but that is probably a different issue to the taker not reacting.

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I wonder if a lot of it is due to tactics and mentality. In FM something I notice often is defenders that are forward for a corner don't attempt to compete for balls that they should be able to get to because they are more conscious of getting back in to position. If possession is lost, I mean.

Not stating that as fact. Just a thought I had as to why certain things happen.

I wonder if it could be a similar sort of thing that makes players less likely to react from a penalty. 

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