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What role does the attacking midfielder play for Inter Milan? (3-4-1-2; Sensi/Eriksen/Barella/Vidal)

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Since the start of the new season, Inter has seen a shift from a 3-5-2 (employing a mezzala) to a 3-4-1-2. I'm having trouble defining the exact role. Maybe some of you can watch a game (Inter vs Borussia Mönchengladbach tomorrow) or have watched a few games.

I can describe the characteristics best as following:

1. Irregularly drops deep to collect the ball or assist in defense (can be a comes deep to get the ball trait or case of high determination + work rate translated into the game);

2. Puts himself available for a pass wherever play occurs. Play goes via the wing? The AM moves to the wing. Middle? He's in the middle. Route one to Lukaku to hold up? He is the first there to collect a pass;

3. Sometimes the AM puts himself on the wing before the play gets there, but again probably in an attempt to receive a pass in a good position;

4. Scoring is mostly limited to long shots, but at times we see that role trying to get into the box with a quick dribble or a 1-2 with a striker.

All in all I see mainly characteristics of the AP(A) and the Trequartista (primarly the roaming to the wings). My best idea was that the role is an AP(A) with the additional PI to roam more. 

Please let me know your thoughts based on these descriptions or on your own view from watching!

Additional question: To create the best possible environment for your AP(A) + Roam possible, is it necessary to tell both forwards to stay wider in FM? I've not had many experiences with playing an AM role behind 2 strikers. Thank you.

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Trequartista sounds like it matches up.

-Drifts wide and into channels, roams from position, very active off the ball movement

-Doesn't participate in defending

-Makes runs to the box in end of offensive phase

-Primary focus on chance creation


AP gets involved in defending even on attack duty. Stays central if deployed there.

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Inter fan here. Also managing them in FM20 and playing an AM behind 2 strikers

1. The only role I've seen drift as wide as the AM in Conte's system is the Treq, per @Domus Clamantium post.  The AP(A) and AM(S/A) seem to be "hard coded" to stay in the central channel even with Roam From Position on. The Treq, on the hand, will cruise about the pitch

2. I'm not certain about the Stay Wider for the strikers - I've not tried it. If you do, please post results.

Bonus content:

After 5 seasons, I can safely say that the best mentality to get your AM involved in the 3-4-1-2, in the same way it looks in Conte's side, is Cautious. I know this may seem counter intuitive, but from Balanced and up, the deeper midfielders will bypass him to get the ball to the flanks, and the wide players will look to cross or dribble.

You can, of course, mess around with Team and Player instructions to change this behaviour - but my 2 cents is that just playing on Cautious will take care of it. I'm not sure exactly why, but it seems to encourage the CM's to play a short pass into the AM's feet

I like to juggle between Positive and Cautious to get a good mix of attacks - as the long switch from flank to flank and crossing is a obviously a feature of Inter's play as well

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