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Where is the national overview of the club's in that nation's progress in Europe?

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First off, apologies if this is the wrong place or has already been asked somewhere. I had a quick look through the rules/guidelines & any Googling I tried on this took me off topic.

I am sure I have seen others post an overview of the clubs from a single nation's progress in European competitions from a single season. I.e:

Club X knocked out in Group Stage of UCL
Club Y knocked out in First Rnd of EL
Club Z knocked out in SF of EC2

..or something to that effect. I am making this up or does it exist?

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2 hours ago, FlorianAlbert9 said:

I have not the game with me, but i think you find It in a panel about season review in the National page (or was in league page? Sorry i don't Remember clearly now).

Thanks, I got it! I just had to wait for the season to be over. I had got past the end of season awards, but not to the season reset date which is why the Season Summary tab on the Nation page wasn't available. Thanks for the tip!

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