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Questions & Comments (Stadium, postpone games, bugs)

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Hi guys,


Hope perhaps some if you guys can help me with some stuff.


1. When I start a season for instance in Portugal or Italy I noticed that in the 1st season my Stadium Capacity is X and on the 2nd season and 3rd it decreases on about 3k or 5k people. Do you guys know why?

2. When expanding the stadium do I need to wait another 25 years to do another expansion or build a new stadium?


3. This is probably a bug or something not well thought and I would love to see FM21 addressing these
3.1 - When playing Romanian championship I noticed that if I go to Champions League I will have a lot of my players in international duty like 8 or 9 moreover the Romanian championship also starts during that time and I am unable to postpone the matches. I do not think this makes any sense since you dont have full team. Would be great to see this addressed.
3.2 - When playing in Portugal some seasons due to National teams calendar If i am going through all the competitions I have 3 games in a row with 1 day break between them. Obviously once again would be great to tackle this.


Looking forward your feedback thanks guys.

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1. Sometimes if a stadium is particularly old and/or in bad condition sections of it will be deemed unsafe and closed. You should get a notification of this.

2. The 25 year wait (I believe it's 20 but I've heard both) only applies to building new stadiums not expansions. Expansions can happen as often as needed as long as the expansion capacity has not been met.

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