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Help with best roles for 3 pairing midfield?

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I play a 4123 formation. Fast short passing.
I change the player roles of my 3 midfielders all the time, because I can’t seem to get it right. Especially for the two CM position. I would really like to use Mezzala but simply can’t get that to work. 
For my midfield I have Tonali, Marco Kana, Bennacer, Camavinga, Almada and Ilaix Moriba. 
If had most succes with the DM position as DLP or Regista. That’s works fine. 
The only role in the CMs which really perform is when I apply AP role to Almada or Moriba. The other CM role I simply can’t get to perform. I tried Mezzala, BBM, RPM, CM. Average rating 6.50 to 6.80. The other roles (AP,DLP and Regista) perform 7.50 to 8.00 in average. 

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4 hours ago, NotSoSpecialOne said:

Need to see your system as a whole. 

But I would caution against relying too heavily on an average rating. A player could still be contributing effectively or even performing what you would expect from your chosen role without a good rating.

Although my the players is not the same my formation and style is like in the picture. I use DLP instead of Regista now. And F9 instead of CF. 


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Image is too small to make much of anything out, honestly.

I will re-iterate my earlier point not to give much value to the player rating (6.50 to 6.80 is by no means bad or means the player isn't performing) especially if you are getting good results on the pitch. Instead, in my opinion, you need to be asking what is that you want that player to be actually be doing? And once you know what you want from it, is he doing what you want from him?

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Many pairings work well. It all depends on the players and tactics.

Basically, most formations will have: 1 playmaker (PM), 1 roaming player (RP), 1 holding position (HP). For instance: AP (PM) - BBM (RP) - HB (HP). It's a starting point.

(The tactic I'm using atm doesn't comply with this "rule" - has 1 PM, 1 RP and a BWM which is kind of a RP - because I'm testing different things, but I sure see I'm lacking the HP)

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You need to think in context of what you want of your midfield. There is no best roles there. You could have a DM and 2 supporting CMs/CARs with attacking and overlapping fullbacks. You could conversely have an Anchor with a B2B and a Mezzala to overlap an inside forward. So it all boils down to how you want to play and what do you expect from your midfield to balance your entire formation.

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