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Revamping the Editor's Manager/Coaches Attributes in Both Editors

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I think right now the Mentality / D line all other things are adjusted in numbers in both editors. But for more Ease of Doing how about we change it to how we see in Game

In Editors (both PGE/IGE) we have Manager Mentalities set between 1 to 20. But if it can be changed as Very Defensive to Very Attacking it would help the Players to adjust it easily rather than doing guess work as a start

Same for Other Attributes like D line , Lines of Engagement, Width. There is no Attribute which covers Defensive width in both Editors. So i hope streamlining them to get close to what we see in TC will avoid hassle. 

Implementing to IGE will also help to see how some of them react in game rather than starting a new save to see how they work in game. 

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