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Need some quick editor help for FM19.

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I don't know if this is against the rules but I'm in a bit of spot. I'm playing in Serie A and I got a player I can't register. No problem I guess, I'll just run the in-game editor and fix that. Well, I'm flat broke and paying 5 dollars for something I'll only use once is a bit mad.

Wonder if there's anyone willing to help me load up my save, fix him up, and send it back to me. I've tried to release the lad on a free so I don't have to see the massive abortion of a mistake but the board won't let me do it.


Uh, remove this if it's against the rules? Otherwise, the guy's name is Hussein Pirbhai...

(This could be avoided if Brexit never happened!)

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You will anyway not fix it as in Italy the non-EU quota is calculated on 30th June... so he'll still be a non-EU player for the rest of the season even if you add another nationality to him. 

The only way about this is if you sell one of your other non-EU players OUTSIDE of the country (and even then, if you have others in queue for registration - including youth players - they will take priority). 

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Actually sorry there is another way:

Loan him to another club in Italy (so he will take up THEIR free slot), then depending on how far you want to break gameplay, either recall him immediately or let the loan run and when he's back then he will be considered as already registered. 

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