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How do I interpret the passing combinations map?

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I'm trying to use it more to inform what the opposition are likely to do, but I'm slightly baffled by the passing combinations map.

Specifically, I can't tell which direction the passes are going? Who is the passer and who is the receiver? 

Secondly, what is the relevance of brightness and thickness?

Any help much appreciated.

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15 minutes ago, Os said:

The thickness denotes that this pass combination is more common than others.

Thanks - and the brightness? For example, there are some very thick bars that are barely visible. Does this mean they have a low success/completion rate?

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1 hour ago, Xander2000 said:

I wonder as well. It seems like a great tool to "read" your opposition's passing patterns, but I don't understand how to use it either.

It helps to use it in conjunction with the heatmap. For example, a speedy winger/good dribbling WB could be the focus of the attack but you don't see tons of passes out there, while the passing map may show loads of passes between the CBs and a DM. It's important to know that they try and build up play through that DM and you can choose to man mark him or otherwise shut him down, but you need to be mindful of that guy out on the wing.

I'm no expert, but between player analysis-passing, team analysis-passing map, and heatmap, I feel I get a pretty good sense of what the opposition is doing. You just then need to know your setup and players for how to combat that or just leave it and play your game.

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