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[Suggestion] Tell Reserves/U19 manager to use player in specific position


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Not sure if this has been mentioned before. My apologies if it has.

At times I wish to retrain a player to a new position, but the player is either in the Reserves/U19 or play in them occasionally to maintain match sharpness. These are often young talented players in my case.
When setting them available for / having them in the Reserves/U19 squads, the managers of those teams do not appear to realize that I am trying to retrain them to another position. Whenever they play they are placed in the position they are already a natural in, not in the position they are retrained towards.
This is particularly frustrating when I want a player to be retrained from a Winger to an IFA/IW on the opposite side. It takes longer than necessary to do this, as the managers will play them as wingers.

I know I can manually override the Reserves/U19 managers and pick players. I don't want to have to do that every time I make them available for those teams, nor should it be necessary to do it. I also want the manager to have some autonomy in the team selection with respect to player condition and match sharpness. Imho there should either be an option to tell the managers to play them in the new position whenever they are on the pitch, or it should be automatic when I've set their individual training to a position they are not natural in.

An addon to this would be a priority list for players. It should be possible to "force" the managers of the Reserves/U19 teams to play certain players you want them to, without having to manually set them in the team. If I have a talented 17 y.o. in the Reserves, I want to able to tell the Reserves Manager to play him if he's fit, even if he has a 22 y.o who is marginally better in that position but without potential. A tickbox for "preferred player" or some sort of sorting for each position should make this possible.


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