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How to generate a config.xml with 3 billion lines?


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I would like to create a config.xml to associate a pool of 500 000 pictures with in-game people from id 1 to the first newgen milestone and beyond (id1,9 billion) to make sure everyone in the game have a face.

Something like :

<record from="1" to="graphics/pictures/person/1/portrait"/>
<record from="2" to="graphics/pictures/person/2/portrait"/>
<record from="3" to="graphics/pictures/person/3/portrait"/>
<record from="4" to="graphics/pictures/person/4/portrait"/>
<record from="5" to="graphics/pictures/person/5/portrait"/>
<record from="6" to="graphics/pictures/person/6/portrait"/>
<record from="7" to="graphics/pictures/person/7/portrait"/>
<record from="8" to="graphics/pictures/person/8/portrait"/>
<record from="9" to="graphics/pictures/person/9/portrait"/>


to 3 billion.

I generally use a spreadsheet but I don't feel they are designed to reach 1 billion rows...

I hear about creating a database but I've absolutely no skill.

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Alternative solution with LibreOffice. Slower but more flexible as you can use more than one unknown (for instance, X and Y variable) :

- In the spreadsheet, write astutely the first lines of your config.xml
- Select the cells you want to fill (e.g. write A2:E800000)
- Sheet > Fill the cells > Fill the series.

The ideal solution would be getting the reactivity of online tools and the flexibility of calc with multiple unknowns allowed.

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