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I've been editing the sound files for the game and adding in live audio commentary but need some help.

could someone within SI explain what the below means

<integer id="isst" value="0"/>need to know what this is
            <integer id="flsh" value="0"/> i know this is flashing text
            <integer id="rtct" value="0"/> need to know what this is
            <integer id="pbtl" value="210"/> need to know what this is
            <string id="sdon" value=""/> i know this is sound one
            <string id="sdtw" value=""/> i know this is sound two
            <integer id="meci" value="1"/> need to know what this is
            <integer id="plrc" value="1"/>need to know what this is


i have multiple files triggering great but then others not and think it may have something to do with these strings that i don't understand so any reply to this would be a huge help.

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