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players with second nationalities


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hi all, 

For nations like US, Canada or Australia. it's very common that players have second nationalities. 

How can I make a fair portion of the regen players to automatically have a second nationality? and how can I make correlations between the nationalities (Australian/Chinese, Australian/New Zealand, French/Senegal, etc... ) 


Thanks in advance



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There is one solution which is a bit iffy and that's by making a copy of a city and place it in another country. If you want to see it in the editor, check out the Pais Vasco and Navarre region, which are not placed in Spain, but in Basque Country.

It does work, but it is not pretty, especially if you want it to happen on a grander scale.

This is a setting that is hardcoded and something we can only emulate as described above.

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