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Order: Three New Roles


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Good Morning. In this topic I come to propose new roles that could be added to the next game in the saga, Football Manager 2021.

Two of the three roles already exist but would only be added in new positions.

And those three roles are: "Raumdeuter" (Position: "AMC"), "Wide Midfielder" (Position: "MCL" and "MCR"), and the new one for the positions "DCR" and "DCL".


-Raumdeuter: He named this role as this season we saw Thomas Müller play in the "AMC" position. As we already know, the role of Thomas Müller is indecipherable, and this season is no exception.

-Wide Midfielder: This role occurred to me in the Champions League match between RB Leipzig vs Atlético Madrid. The German team played a 4-2-3-1, in which Laimer, defended in the central position of the midfield but at the time of attacking it happened to be something like a "Wing Back". También daría mucha dinámica y cambio en una formación. Imagínese, utilizando un mediocentro central que se convierte en un jugador de banda ancha, y un "Wing Back Invertido" jugando en la posición que dejó el mediocampista central.

-*New Rol* DCR an DCL: In the latter case, you know what role I mean. The roles of the right and left central defenders of teams like Atalanta and Sheffield United. Central defenders but who are capable of going on the attack by overlapping or underlapping.

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