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(FM21)(Concept)Anita's Alternate Football World


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Hi there,.

It's Anita again.

I'm going to do some editor Data of what would the footballing of the nation had been,if a Point of Divergence had happened,like:

What if the Premier League never founded?

The Hong Kong Premier League was founded in 14/15,but there had been talks of it as early as 85/86.What if it was realized?

What if Original Grenta's investor never fell sick?

What If the American Soccer League Survived?

And More More More!

My rules:

The league and club history won't be changed

It will be made by Basic Rules

There will be no Continental Competitions(Editor Data Below)

With League Sorting,As Well as Prize Money and TV money .

Expect a sample file in few days or So.

Suggestions are Welcomed

No Continental.fmf

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Curious question, you say you don't change the league and club history.

Do you add history for the missing years though and the setup is then the 85/86 Hong Kong plan?

It is an interesting concept I have been playing with, so interested to see your direction.

For instance I have been considering filling up the gap in history in the Iron Curtain (tough one though) via some mathematical formulas.

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2 hours ago, anitamui said:

Yes,that's the plan,except not all matches are played in So Kon Po


1 hour ago, anitamui said:

And It's too tiring for me to make a backstory,but I'll try when the actual file come out in FM21

Cool, interested the FM21 files

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