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Hello looong time player, few "suggestions", I don't visit the forums often so apologies if some of these are repeats.

1. Be able to "attend" training, much like you can attend a match. It doesn't need to be in depth or crazy. But maybe there could be actionable advice given during sessions. It would also give a nice graphical touch at seeing your facilities. We're still lagging behind graphically and being able to see your stadium/training facilities/anything extra and watching it grow would be a neat little touch and improve immersion.

2. More skin choices, for years now modders have the same 2/3 skins which vastly improve the UI. It needs to start becoming as standard to have the little flourishes these skins offer like your match on a ticket for example. Again all about immersion.

3. Regen faces. If you are not going to put significant effort into them, may as well disable them. We've still got bald 15 year olds with grey beards. We've still got strange weird models. Again the modding community are so far ahead of you its a shame.

4. More of the "dirty" side of the game, handball, dives, personalities that show on the pitch. Its there but its not prevelent enough.

5. Attributes overhaul. We've had the same for yeeeears now. As good and familiar as they are, i feel more could be done. Personalities could be more "visable" with a "tries tricks" stat, a "greediness" stat. This would also stop the clamour of people who complain every year about strikers not squaring it("whats his greediness stat").

Additionally, we've come such a long way in terms of data, we could do with more visable attributes to compliment it. Expected goal per game, one on ones, greediness, power, placement, instead of just "finishing". I'm aware that this could and would lead to a plethora of attributes. But perhaps we still have "finishing" which has its own sub category which you can drill down on. So now "16 finishing" is made up of..."10 long shots, 18 one on ones, 13 expected goal, 15 aerial finishing" etc.


"Passing 16", how so? 16 under pressure and 16 with time to think? 16 short, 16 long range? 16 high tempo, 16 low tempo? Feels like passing alone would need its own category. So a compromise would be stats as they are now and another tab/attributes next to it which are "attributes in current tactic". The 16 passing isnt 16 passing when you're playing long ball, or when you're trying to play tikki takka in the conference north.

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