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Hello Everyone


For teams who arent professional, and only have 2 days worth of training sessions in a normal week, what would you suggest is the most effective way of improving the players you have?


Is it better to run very general sessions, like the default "attacking" session for example, or if you were playing for example a direct style of play, would you really hammer this into the players with the limited time you have available, so attacking direct sessions mixed with strength and quickness training for example?


Just looking for some general pointers really at this stage. A normal week will usually see 2 days of training so six potential units to train with.


Thanks everyone

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Personally, I don't bother too much with training at that level. Combined with poor facilities and coaches, you're unlikely to see any big attribute increases regardless of your schedule, so I just keep it at General and Match Preparation sessions.



You could replace one of the Match Preparation sessions, but at that level I rather sacrifice some of the development and focus on maximizing my performances, in order to get promoted as fast as possible. In a season or two most of the squad will get replaced anyway, so might as well.

I also keep it fairly light in terms of intensity to avoid injuries, since in Vanarama North there's usually no luxury of good squad depth, which means there's very little rotation.

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In a 1 match week I tend to go with two "Overall" sessions, and a match preparation one suited to my next opponent.

That leaves one free for some kind of "steer" either to improve some weaknesses or focus on some strength I want the team to be "about". And then the individual focuses.

That's not much room to specialise and develop, but if you try to do that you'll be giving lots of areas very little and I find that means even more downward arrows knocking at my door wanting to be friends. 

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