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Detailed Tactical Analysis/Instructions


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This suggestion might be a bit of a pipe dream but I thought I'd share it any way as I think in theory could add a real depth to immersion and also give players much more tactical freedom while also giving players clear tactical information and options that would encourage players to think about tactical decisions as opposed to a plug and play mentality.


I'd like for there to be analysis of specific moments in games (either post-match or half time) where specific key moments or mistakes are played back and certain aspects are highlighted. This could be mistakes or causes for an opposition goal, it is played back and an analyst/coach would suggest reasons behind this (subject to the staff's ability level). The way I imagine it is that a moment highlights how a goal was created through certain tactical instructions - eg clip of a goal and an opinion from the staff that this was caused because the player went to ground defending. The player would then have key related information and options available to remedy this or leave as it is, against the advice of staff, such as team instruction is currently set to "get stuck in", player's role has "tackle harder selected" or play has trait "dives into tackles" with options to remove these or to train to remove that trait from the player (with a warning that this will take a long time and may not succeed). This could be applied to the attacking side of the game as well, as if a chance is missed because a striker didn't pass the ball to a player in a better position, or vice versa with passing to a player in a worse position, then it could offer team or player instruction causes or trait influence.

I think it could also offer something in training/pre-season as a way to develop a tactic, or see tactical problems before they occur. If a player has a trait that contradicts a player's role then it could highlight what effect that has had on how that player plays that role through training or friendly footage. Again, the player would then have the options of changing the role to something that would fit the player to their play style, an alternative postion that would fit better, to attempt to train it out or to accept the way this player plays that role. It could also be used to see the positives of traits to certain roles and players. It could also highlight under what circumstances the tactics being trained work well and don't work well, using footage to show it.

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