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Player's attributes won't adjust accordingly to their edited CA


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I've been try using FMRTE for previous Football manager series. for current FM2020, I tried In-Game Editor. Mostly, Because I seen that FM were being too-harsh for older player. So I will manually Increasing their CA, to made it bit closer to real life where they will be played for several year still, or even get lot of start, instead of being thrown onto reserves and retire the next season.

It seems that after few weeks editing player's CA, their attributes stay the same. Unlike previously when I'm using FMRTE for previous version, which player's attribute goes up and down accordingly after few days or weeks. Whilist with In-Game Editor, the CA were changed as I edit them, but their attributes is still the same.

Do player attribute needs to manually changed? Can't they adjust automatically when I Increase their CA?

Or, they will change eventually, but it will take longer with In- Game Editor?

I just tried for 3 weeks. wonder if it really needs manual edit, or just need more time.

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