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Player Development Experiment Query

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Just wondered if anyone can shed any light on this. 

As an experiment, I created a team in the 12th tier of English football and took control of them (extended database). I gave every player at the club 1 CA and 200 PA, aged 16. All hidden attributes set to 20 other than controversy, dirtiness and injury proneness, which are 1. 20 determination too. 

Training facilites are 1. 

I just wanted to see the pace of development out of interest, and to begin with it was lightning quick. Going from 1-40 CA in 1 season. Since then there have been 2 more seasons, and every single player is still pinned at 40CA. 

Is this likely to be more to do with the low quality of opposition/no challenge, training facilities, or both working together to create this hard cap? Obviously I know both have an impact, I'm more just curious to see what is setting a hard cap at specifically 40 CA and not allowing any growth whatsoever, I would expect them to at least develop a little bit, even if it's just 1 CA every month or two at 18 years old. 

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Basically world class players won't develop at low league clubs due to the quality of facilities, coaches and playing opposition, regardless of their potential and relevant development attributes.

Below the age of 18 training takes precedence for young player development, so we can't expect the next Messi to develop if being coached by a low quality coach in poor quality facilities.  Once they hit 18 then playing in matches at a relevant level becomes more important, so young Messi Jr. won't develop into Messi Sr. if playing against Naff United FC each week.

As you go up the tiers they may to develop a little each time, perhaps keeping pace with / slightly ahead of each level, but you can't expect much until they start hitting the heights at the top.

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