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Couple of Suggestions


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Two things I would like to see added at some point are:

i) The ability to save your opposition instructions (so depending on the save or even the tactic you are using, instead of having to change the individual instructions when you are change the tactic etc you can just click the menu and select, lets say Opp Ins 442 v1, Opp Ins 4132 v2, Opp Ins 433 v1 etc etc).  This would also help, say if you were in one save, and then went into another save instead of having to do all the instructions again you could just select it from the drop down menu, as long as you had saved it in the other save.


ii) Being able to bring across from other saves notes from your notebook (or even in the same save), ie. I always do notes for Youth Recruitment etc so when I am searching through the Youth Intake etc, I can easily see the teams I want to look at as they have the note icon on.  But at the moment it is a laborious process of having to do the same note over and over again.

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