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How important are pre-match briefings ?

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I always feel like I do better when I do them, and position them logically.

For example, the day before a game it makes sense to me to have the briefing during which tactics are discussed, followed by a tactical session.

Got to say though, although I feel like I do better when I do things like this, I couldn't say for sure. I think there a lot of features in the game where it isn't really possible to quantify the effect. I tend to just do things as logically as I can and assume that if it makes sense in real life, it would make a difference in the game.

My assumption is that it has to make a difference otherwise it wouldn't be there. What that difference is, I couldn't tell you.

Actually, thinking about it, maybe the difference they make is increased tactical familiarity?

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On 30/09/2020 at 20:32, DaaNMaaN said:

how important are pre match briefings ? ive always just skipped them an done my tactics when i get to the game. is there any difference ?

It would be difficult to actually quantify the impact and tbh, I have never noticed one way or the other

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I generally used to skip them, but then I discovered that if you go to the opposition instructions section you can get a heads up on opposition team selection. Not 100% guaranteed but can help when faced with close calls in terms of team selection. 

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Never found them to be of any use. 

The player feedback makes no sense. You could tell them "we're going to have an attacking mentality here", they can all negatively respond to it, and then you can manage the entire match on defensive and it won't make a bit of difference. 

The actual material briefed makes no sense either. Has you scout or analyst report given you a clue that they'll mostly attack on the right with an overlapping fullback, leaving that side of the pitch open for a counter? Well too bad, because you can't relay that information to your players at all outside of changing your tactic to focus play down the left, which changes your entire tactic (not just for the week unless you manually reset it) and doesn't really tell your players anything. Or even less specific, you see the opposition favors a route one style of play, you can't tell your players "hey they'll probably sit back and frustrate us", no mention of the opposition outside of the individual player instructions.

Want to change your shape this week because you want a spare man in defence? Great, you can train that tactic all week and by briefing time, you can tell your players of the change, and they'll all disagree with you despite the fact that its the game plan that worked all week. Good thing that disagreement doesn't bare on the result as previously mentioned I suppose.

Want to tell your players that you're giving the academy youngster a shot in the XI this week? Too bad. Even if you do say its someone's debut or whatever, it's completely contextless. Lets imagine our youngster is a central defender. You can't then tell his more experienced partner "hey, you'll probably need to be extra cautious and help the youngster out." 

Want to go over something specific about the opposition, like a player has low bravery or composure so we could press them more? You can. But only IF you set that up prior to the briefing AND/OR your assistant suggests it.

TL;DR the pre-match briefing could be so much better than it is, it might as well not even be a feature with how frequently its recommended to be skipped and how inconsequential it is.

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