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Wanted : The long term game


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As a player of lower leagues (mainly Wales) , these are the things I would like to see in FMM 2021. Sorry but you won't find a 3D match or additional league requests here... 

In context, I'm currently penryncoch, a village of 1200

- realism. Why am I able to get to the Champions league final? It's nice but when Madrid start Mbappe on the bench twice, despite being 3 nil down on the first leg. Come on. 

- realism. Why do my reserves get beat every week yet the players all succeed at European level if I need them

- realism. The board think winning the league Cup is amazing. Champions league final, yeah that's OK. 

- bids. Why can I turn an offer down from a massive club, upset a player, then placate him instantly with a new contract. 

- Fixture backlog, if I have a pile up, why can't I cancel training? 

- bids, just seems a mess, especially multiple ones

- realistic attendances. A very average village team should only be drawing a very average crowd. 

.... I could go on and on. Its a great game that goes stale in the long run cause other teams don't develop or randomly get sugar daddies. I want to feel like a win in the first champions league qualifier is a big deal. If my club can become overly big, then where is the incentive to move? I should crave the TNS job in Wales.

Hopefully this runs true with other players

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