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Creating U19 Friendly Tournament and Nation Training Camp

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Hi guys, So I'm going to make a new save. It's called INDONESIA PROJECT 2030. I've never tried International Management before. That's why I'm looking for advice. This is going to be my biggest project since I bought FM. So the main target in this project is Indonesia qualifying for the world cup in 2030. But I need some youth development since the first year I became the manager, So is it possible to take my Indonesia U19s/U20s squad to a training camp in Croatia or England or Portugal, or any other country?

And is it possible to make an international friendly tournament and invite some of the best U19 International Teams in the world like Brazil, France, Germany, Belgium, or any other teams in the world to play in Indonesia?

One last thing, how can we fix the league structure,? because this is the most vital thing.

Main Target:
Qualify for the world cup in 2030
Move up to Rank 150 in 2020
Play well in the U20 World Cup because we're the host nation
Qualify for the Olympics in 2028
Fix the league structure

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