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Raw 4-1-2-3. Help Needed

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I wanted to share with you guys this amazing thing i developed. This tactic is my own work and I feel proud of not relying on other's tactic and working on my own.

There are no OIs

No training instructions needed


Also all the set pieces and corners are on default mode but still i had success with every team. It helped me Plug and Play with every team i managed. 

I did not develop this overnight. I am currently in season 2078-2079. After many failed attempts, i finally found success with my own tactic. But i will test the tactic with a new fresh save from 2019-2020 season.


Here I have tried to test this tactic with Spezia who are predicted to finish 20th. The odds are very much against us and with no transfer business done, can we stay up or even finish mid-table?

I have not made even a single transfer. All my players have current ability of average 110. The maximum capability of my player is 134 which is of my Goalkeeper. Some of my players have ability below 100.

I have some player instructions added to it. But I wanted to ask for suggestion from people who knows better(I am not a tactic developer). I have tested this on holiday mode.


2020-09-26 (1).png

2020-09-26 (2).png

2020-09-26 (3).png

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