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Coming back to the game and trying to arrange my 1st seasons friendlies for League 2 club Leyton Orient i've noticed that earnings from friendlies has changed drastically. Although i agree it was far to easy to exploit before to earn way more than you should i was one to not use such exploit but now feel the game is punishing us all because of the said exploiters or am i missing something? As i said im trying to arrange my friendlies and like before i dont go crazy on making friendlies vs big clubs for cash as i found this unrealistic and would make maybe 2 vs the largest clubs and go down from there. But now i feel the same strat will cost me money so i feel forced to only play vs bigger clubs just to break even.


Unless the projected income when setting up friendlies is way off compared to what you will actually receive? which then makes it all guess work.

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I have noticed as well that the profit expected is an understatement. It is still extremely beneficial to do this. Just check your finances from time to time. However, I always avoid friendlies against MUCH bigger clubs that offer their youth team. They never expect to make you money, but they also cost 20k to come and play. 

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