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Transfer fees and AI knowledge


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A huge problem I have is I go to a poor team and try and buy a wonderkid who is valued at £1m with poor stats. 


1. I offer 10 times the value 


2. I offer 20 times the value 


3 I offer 30 time the value. 


4. I offer 40 and 50 times the value 


5. I offer a newgen the equavilent of Neymar as a test for a £1m 16 year old with poor stats rejected and then I offer the same newgen plus £40m still rejected this needs sorting out. 

No where can you not buy what you want for 10 times the value let alone 50 times and if we are been honest with offering a neymar type player on fm we are talking 170 times the offer and remember this guy is an undeveloped £1m 16 year old at a poor club which wouldn't have the ability to know his true potental due to scouting and coaching stats this desperately needs fixing immediately. 


Also the AI seems to be in a different universe to us as they are fine demanding 200m to 300m for their players who maybe world class but they arnt on Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo Or Mbappes level but when we off our players out for 80m of the same quality you are lucky to get a response. 

You know what I wouldn't mind if I was buying a Ronaldo or Messi for 200m to 250m as long as I was getting the same amounts back for these players the max you can get on fm seems to be £120m you never get this money by transferring by offering your player out you have to weight I know around this mark is the absouloute maximum as when I get this offer  if you renegotiate and ask for 1k more in a clause it is instantly rejected so this is obviously a cap but when defenders are being bought for £90m the £120m cap just isn't enough if you had prime Messi and ronaldo and offered them out on Fm20 you would only get £120m it needs sorting out. 

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