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Hey guys, I am currently managing Leipzig. Though I have not started a single game yet, I want to implement how nagelsmann philosophy about how he likes to play. This match engine's limitations prevent matching any real-life tactics to its core, more so when it comes to Nagelsmann's philosophy. He is a versatile coach who sets up his team in various ways using various tactics, depending on the match and opposition. Even though he is flexible, some specific ideas and components are always present, like verticality and quick forward passing. More often than not, he uses some variation of 5 at the back system (e.g., 5-3-2, 5-2-1-2, 5-2-3 ex). I presume that those formations enable him to implement his ideas on the pitch, and all the players are competent as key ideas and principles are always maintained. I want to use 5-3-2 personally as my go-to formation for my squad and want to know what combinations of roles and duties will help me get close to that? Sorry for the long explanation

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