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Why is my coach lying to me?


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So I set my right back's (Ryan Shotten at Boro) individual training focus to crossing and after a while I got a notification from my coach saying that he has benefited from his individual training focus (crossing). Great I thought so I clicked on him to see and as you can see in the screenshot his crossing has gone DOWN (orange downward arrow). So he has NOT benefited from his crossing training? What's the deal?




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@Rooneye Try this, under the 'development' tab of your player, select "progress", then "attributes".   Then select "crossing".  If you hove the mouse over certain parts it should give a number out of 20 (it can give numbers like 14.1, 14.2 etc.)  Maybe that can show a change, even if your player has overall gone from 11.1 to 11.2 in crossing.  There may have been a slight dip recently (as shown in your picture) but maybe overall there has been growth?



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@Rooneye Is your screenshot immediately after a game? Generally speaking, most players see the downwards arrow after the game due to tiredness. They could have also had a poor week in training which suggests they might have had a temporary dip in the crossing attribute. SI have removed the .1, .2 from attributes so it's hard to say if the attribute has dropped much if at all.

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One of four things is going on here.

1) He's 30 and the small declines seen may be the start of his natural decline as he gets older.  In my opinion that's unlikely in this instance (he isn't that old after all) so I'm just covering the bases.

2) He's reached his maximum potential but as some attributes improve (eg., the highlighted Crossing) others need to decline to compensate.  Such declines would be small and across the board, rather than taking off larger numbers from just a couple of attributes.  Hence the orange arrows.

3) Player development is rarely (ever?) linear and it's perfectly natural to see peaks and troughs during development, so this could merely be a slight trough.

4) It's nothing more than a minor aberration caused by behind the scenes game calculations and nothing to be concerned about.  This is quite common and imo is the most likely thing going on here.

Diagonal orange arrows such as pictured are minor changes and should always be taken into the context of long term development by checking a player's development graphs.  So long as a player is showing long term gains, that's the thing to focus on.

11 hours ago, James_Fraser said:

SI have removed the .1, .2 from attributes so it's hard to say if the attribute has dropped much if at all.


56 minutes ago, Andros said:

you are right, they have erased .1,.2 etc.  I have just gotten this version and I hadn't noticed that.  Thanks for the info.  But having said that, I can see a change in the line even if the number hasn't changed (i think!):

They are still there, just not as obvious.  This can be shown by the OP's diagonal orange arrows pictured (such arrows show small changes of less than one whole point) and Andros' line graph which still shows 15 (rounded) for Dribbling but is clearly slightly higher than 15 and is increasing.

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