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[EDITOR20] New league starting next season


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Hello all,

I want to create the new league nammed "Liga 3" in Portugal who is between the LigaPro and the Campeonato Portugal. It's the new competition created by the portuguese football federation. My scenario is to create this league at the end of the 19/20 season. Here are the rules :

  • The 2 last teams of LigaPro is playing a Playoff
  • The champion of each group of Campeonato Portugal (Group A to H) will play the playoff
  • During this playoff who is composed by 2 groups, the winner of each group will access to LigaPro and the oher will play at the new league Liga 3

There is an other playoff for accessing the Liga 3. Between the second classified and the fifth of each group of Campeonato Portugal (32 teams) will play a playoff composed by 8 group. The first and second team of each group will access the Liga 3.


Anyone can help me for :

  • Creating this Liga 3 only on the 20/21 season
  • Creating 2 playoff with these criteria
  • Is it possible on the Editor to affect a team in a regional league ? For example, I want to enable regional league like Porto. If a team is relegated from Campeonato Portugal, affect this team on the league Porto regional ?

Thanks in advance

Best regards



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