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FM Network Problem


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Since the update me and friends haven't been able to find our network save, I've seen a few people tweeted at you but they told to report it. Can confirm me nor my friends are unable to see our network games. We've tried multiple hosts...

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Same thing for us also ! We've tried many options but I can't find my friend in the server's list and same thing for him. However, the weirdest thing is that we are both able to enter in the same unlocked save (chosen randomly in the list) and we can see each other. But when we are trying in our own saves, nothing works !

It has been working perfectly since the release of the game last year with no connection issue at all...

We both tried different options : cleaning cache & preferences, changing download region to have the same, adding a server name, nothing works !!

@Sports interactive, please help !!

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2 hours ago, adsdff said:

try to open steam program -> friend list -> friend -> invite to play / join game.

Doesn't work. This is not good. I created and log in with Epic account and nothing happened. Cannot play Football Manager 20 online. 


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Today came another update. There is 4 buttons for my 4 friends but i can't send invitations for an specific friend, but yes to all. I don't know if the invitation has been sent cause at chat message didn't appear that has been sent. Please fix this problem!

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hi all
as host of a 6 player save, we had the same issues but managed to get it going successfully last night and no issues tonight either.

hopefully these steps help you too. I did exactly these steps, they may not all be necessary but it worked so im running with it.
1. delete preferences and cache from C:\Users\*User*\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020 - you will need to turn on hidden files to see this.
2. load the save, go into online preferences and set server visibilty to 'Anyone'
3. set a server name, but leave password blank.
4. save your game and quit FM.
5. verify integrity of FM in steam. right click > properties > local files > verify integrity
6. load FM and your save

the main factor that I believe fixed it was resaving with new version preferences. whereas the save prior was still linked to the old version. it seems to purely be a visibility thing for your save on the updated lobby.

the beta has not been activated in FM preferences via steam

Note: deleting the preferences/cache will reset FM back to default skin, settings, preferred views etc. 

good luck, hope this works for you too.

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I know, i know, i know. My Epic Games account is faulty. When i created the Epic Games Account i copied a part from code and i recived error on my faulty account. The faulty account can be removed in 14 days. After 14 days i will create an healthy Epic Games account with the same e-mail address and log in. The big problem is that we need to reinstall Windows 10 cause we can't log out from old Epic Games account in preferences. This is it.

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On 22/09/2020 at 00:42, Giggs92TM said:

I am finding my friend's game on the list, but when i want to connect, it says joing online game and remain like that :(

I am having the same problem on online draft. We actually managed to connect all of us at first, played 2 games, and now when I load the game my friends are able to see it but when they try to join they get stuck

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