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[Suggestion] Convince Loan Player to Sign Permanently at End of Contract


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This is a pretty simple idea, I think you should be able to attempt to persuade a player who is at your club on loan who is also in their last year of their contract at their parent club to not resign with them and to sign with you as a free agent instead.


I'll use my current save as an example to help explain what I mean. I manage Partick Thistle in Scotland and have now finished 3rd behind Celtic and Rangers for 2 years running and am closing the gap between us and Rangers. We are also playing in the Europa league this season and we are now the 4th most reputable club in Scotland. I have had a player on loan from Rangers for 3 seasons now, he's one of my key players and I'm his only favoured personnel and he considers Partick to be a favoured club. His contract is due to expire at the end of the season (still in pre season) and I'm sure Rangers would like to sign a new deal with him as he has big potential but I think given the regard he holds me and my club in I should at least be able to have a dialogue with him about the possibility of him not signing a new deal with Rangers and coming to me for free and it could have the usual convincing options e.g. "if you sign I promise we'll win silverware in 2 years" etc. I don't think it would be that far fetched for a player in his situation to be convinced to sign permanently or for at least the conversation to happen.


Doing this should obviously also come with consequences for your relationship with the other manager.

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