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Board won't let me adjust budget even tough i have 300million for transfers

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Hi :)

I'm currently on Real Madrid and, for the second consecutive season, in December i receive a messagefrom the board that they increased the transfer budget while actually all they done was cut down the wages budget to levels below to my current spending, which makes completely impossible to sign free agents in January since i'm allowed to offer a 650€ salary.  

This is the 4th team i'm coaching in the very same save and this didn't happen on previous teams.

Last season i thought that this happened because Real was in a financial crisis when i got them, but after several tranfers i got them in a great financial situation so i don't understand why this is happening. I now have 320million€ for transfers that i can not spend because my current wages spending is at 28million p/month and i cut the budget to 25 million p/month and won't let me adjust.

Anyone knows why this happens?

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Could be that you currently have a transfer/contract negotiations going on or waiting to be accepted or rejected by the agent

that usually messes thing up in regards to budget changes.

maybe dof has offered contracts to ur current players?

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