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Goalkeepers and Eccentricity

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When you set your goalie to Sweeper Keeper (Attack), eccentricity is highlighted as an important attribute.

Also, in your team report under Assistant-report it can be noted as a bad thing (red icon, right sided) that "These goalkeepers are rather eccentric"

Does that mean that for a SK(A) you want LOW eccentricity? almost like old days when injury proneness was listed under attributes, you always want as low as possible?

I've always thought he needed to be a bit eccentric to come so far off his line, but been second guessing myself lately.

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It's one of those attributes that can be hard to really pin down I think. I always imagine it's one that makes them do rash things - rushing off the line when not appropriate, trying to thread the needle with a pass rather than hoofing it from danger. So yeah, lower eccentricity is usually what I look for, but Keepers will be Keepers!


Don't know your age, but I think of Grobelaar as eccentric, Ray Clemence as low eccentricity and Shilton was somewhere in between. Barthez was another 'eccentric' one I would have laughed at if I wasn't a United fan.

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Depends what you want from an attacking Sweeper Keeper? If you want them to come flying out of the box to mop up loose balls and bring the ball forward themselves in a Neuer type sense then Eccentricity can help with that. If you want them to keep it simple, stay near the goals and pass it off to your defenders instead of bringing it out themselves, then go for lower.

From what I understand, the higher the eccentricity, the more likely they are to act like an outfield player at times with all the brilliance and madness associated with that and the less likely anyone knows what they're going to do.

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