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[FM20] Indonesia in Europe, Because Why Not!!!

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Indonesia in Europe.fmfBored getting stomped by East Asian/Middle Eastern clubs? Now you'll getting stomped by European clubs.

Indonesia moved to Central Europe
San Marino moved to South East Asia

Each Indonesian team has First team, B team, C team and U-18 team
Indonesian National team start from National League D

League Structure:
Liga 1 (Division 1)
20 teams, 4 relegation spots
Liga 2 (Division 2)
2 Sub division, 40 teams, total 4 promotion spots, total 8 relegation spots
Liga 3 (Division 3)
4 Sub division, 80 teams, total 8 promotion spots, total 16 relegation spots
Liga 4 (Division 4)
8 Sub division, 160 teams, total 16 promotion spots, total 32 relegation spots
Liga 5 (Division 5)
16 Sub division, around 300 teams, total 32 promotion spots

Piala Indonesia, Indonesian main cup for Liga 1-4 teams
Tropi Indonesia, Indonesian cup for Liga 5 teams
Piala Super Indonesia, Liga 1 winner vs Piala Indonesia winner
Under 18 leagues for U-18 teams
Transfer window around July and January
Indonesia's youth intake around July

Bonus Feature(Bug):
Asian champions league and AFC Cup were deleted. So, while San Marino has been moved safely to Asia. I can't figure out how to move Indonesia to Europe without bugs. These bugs made Indonesia still exist in Asia's coefficient list. That's resulting Indonesian teams still has to play on Asian Champions League and AFC cup. To avoid these problems, these two competition has been deleted.


Don't want to make this page a bandwidth killer, so visit link below if you want more images/screenshots


New Update v1.1
Changed competition color for better readability
Fixed doubled rival

Indonesia in Europe.fmf

Indonesia in Europe v1.1.fmf

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