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Scouting question

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I send my scouts to search for hot prospects and since I am a small club every scout does a few countries which are close together.

Now after some time I realized that I did not get many reports, especially not from certain countries. After checking I saw that some scouts have 0 reports after a year of searching. Now I have this hunch that scouts only scout by watching games? So if you have not included a certain competition as playable then there will be less matches for that competition and of course youth players do not get a lot of playing time most of the time. Which would explain the lack of scouting reports for hot prospects.

Is this true? Do scouts in fm20 only watch matches in order to scout? That seems very odd, in older games you would also get reports on players who are 15-16 year old and have not made a single minute yet so you can beat the bigger clubs in obtaining the player and even more important you can get them cheaply if they are scouted this early.

In real life scouts also observe trainings and also have a network to get inside information in clubs. Is there a way in fm20 to let them scout in other ways then just to attend/observe matches in competitions?

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This isn't true. I only have the leagues I'm playing loaded.


Would you be able to take a screenshot of the attributes of the scouts. Although I am surprised to hear that they haven't found anyone, it sounds like they have a poor adaptability attribute.

If the nation they are scouting is a small nation then maybe there haven't been any players who have generated which meet the hot prospect filter. To check which players have generated at the nation, click the nation --> Transfers --> Youth Intake. From here scroll through the months until you see players generated by the game.


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