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FM20 - Die Bayern Academy

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Good evening all, 

I'll start by saying that this isn't one of those 100th tier to Champions League careers - so it may not be that interesting but this is going to be my last save for FM20 so thought I'd write up about it. I've just completed a Celta Vigo save, where I won everything within 5 years and won La Liga 5 years on the trot so wanted a new challenge. 

Die Bayern Academy

So as you can probably tell, I'm going to be. Bayern München I won't strictly be using only youth intake players and I'll be able to buy in but only matching certain criteria; 

EU Players: Must be 16 or under when signed. Preferably German but I'll be looking for the best talent. 

Rest Of World: For any nation where a player can't move until they're 18 - have to be bought at 17 years old or younger. 

This is basically to give them enough time to take to my tactical philosophy, become HG and hopefully take up German Nationality. My main goal is for Bayern to be the Barcelona of yesteryear. Where nearly all of the Spanish national team were playing for Barcelona. I want the full German National Team to be Bayern Players. 

(A side goal will be for Robert Lewandowski to be named Ballon d'Or winner before he retires. He's my favourite player outside of my beloved Liverpool - and has been robbed of the Ballon d'Or award over the last few years. Just because Messi & Ronaldo are around - especially this season with the award not being given out at all. )

Tactically; Which I'll put in spoilers incase Tactical chat isn't allowed in these parts. 


I'll be looking to take after Hansi Flick. What a genius by the way. This will be massively high pressing Football. Everybody closing down and hopefully getting 5 or so players into the box on the attack. Combining Robert Lewandowski and Tommy Muller linking up as well as they have in real life. 


The formation I'm using. 



I've already completed the first season; so I'll update the next post with my prospects at the start of the save, my first intake (Which was dismal) and obviously how I've done in season one. 

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