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Using downloaded transfer update


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I never encountered this problem before and I don't know what to do anymore. I downloaded a summer transfer update, placed the .fmf file in the editor data folder but it doesn't show in-game when you tick downloaded stuff before opening a save.

I tried downloading different updates, I tried deleting the folder and re-creating. Please help me.

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I don't use editor. But it's every update you can download from FM sites(FM Scout). I've tried like 10 different updates. If I download it via the Steam workshop, it shows.

If I download it privately from some site and install it(My Documents -> Sports Interactive -> FM20 -> editor data, it doesn't show.

Tactics does show up. I've tried re-installing, resetting preferences. I'm so confused.

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Ok, I can't help you with this. I understand the problem, I don't know where the issue is. You're as far as I can see the only one with this issue and apart from accessing your computer (which I can't do, won't do and won't want to do) I don't know how to look up what is happening here.

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Ok, not knowing the full detail of your problem, still I can get you some tips.

a) Go to your FM20 documents, and copy all the needed one to another folder in another location (let's say the desktop).

b) Delete all SI related folders in documents of FM 2020 including the editor one.

c) In an open explorer window write down in the address bar "%appdata%" without the quotations. inside "Local" search for any FM related folders/documents and delete all.

d) Open the Steam app and uninstall FM 2020 and Editor 2020.

e) Reinstall it again.

f) Run FM 2020 first, and once you have in the selection page, close it.  Then check in documents if you have any FM 20 related folders

g) Copy all fmf files to the editor.

h) Open the Fm editor 2020 and try to load an editor file.  If you can see all the fmf in the list, then you are ok, and could see them in the game.

i) If everything fails, then raise a bug in the bug subforum.


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