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Rework of prize money and sponsorship income to allow for progressive change

Luc van de Ven

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I am not the longest player of FM, in terms of years spent playing but in the years I have I have clogged up a ton of hours. And most times when I play FM, I don't like starting at the top teams as to me it isn't that exciting. I regularly play in the leagues and lower leagues of not the biggest nation, the Netherlands being an example and when i have a longer save I usually try and bring up the League's rating along with my club as part of national pride, and I understand how that takes time and is a slow progress, but I can't help but think if I managed to bring Continental succes to my team and brought the league's rating from 11th to 6th, that winning the league would give more money overall to each team. As well as with the increased reputation of the league, more TV income should be generated which I am not sure happens progressively.

I also watch football manager saves by YouTubers and recently watching Docks' series in Italy with Brescia and how he has taken them to the top of Italian football and won back to back leagues, his team is still only 10th when it comes to sponsorship income is crazy, yes the big teams like Juventus would always stay on top even if their form dropped but 10th is still pretty low.

I know that the save is orientated around real data and so leagues like the Italian league doesn't have the prize money close to the Premier League but if it was doing well it could still go up from just 4mil for winning the league, especially if you are a small team with a small budget and your overachievement in such a league doesn't feel as rewarding with the income generated to progress further as it might need to be.

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@ Luc van de Venthe same in my save with Getafe i win some ligas with the champions league i played it every season i had a big player in my team but the sponsorship was still low (i wanted to apply on the sponsor) my ideas :

when you own a super star or when you buy a super star or a player becomes a super star (like mbappe after the 2018 world cup) the sponsors must increase according to the reputation of the player it must have a method of calculating sponsors according to the reputation of a team or a player,

and I think that can be a criterion of recruitment (example: PSG with ney and mbappé: Nike sponsorship 45 M to 75 M, and the value of the psg on the stock market should go to +1 billion the fact that Neymar came to France allowed Ligue 1 to increase its TV rights ,( the transfert of CR7 to Zebre(juventus) had similar effect )

the psg was able to negotiate the increase of many sponsors, the psg was able to sign several new sponsors) because Neymar is so important in the world of football. when you sell a superstar you lose sponsors or they can be renewed but less than before

in the game there is a small icon that can show that if you buy a player there may be a lot of jersey sales,but I think we need to go into more detail, there are players who are enormously marketable (like David Beckham, Neymar, Messi, Paul Pogba, CR7, mbappé, Zlatan!) These players are football stars but compared to others they are in another category

There should be an increase in reputation based on the transfer price in the overall reputation calculate based on the transfer price (example the Pogback transfer (everyone is talking about it I was the biggest transfer this year) (example 2: neymar to psg) these big transfers must add pressure on the players

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