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Advice for Hassenhutl Leipzig style tactic

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Hello everyone, 

as a huge fan of 442 formations and the general Leipzig philosophy, I have been running a high pressing 442 with fair success so far this year on fm20, but the last few weeks I have become super obsessed with how Hassenhutl used to set them up vs Nagelsmann and Rangnick. I found these two videos which I think are very informative but does anyone have any advice where they would start translating any of this over to FM20?

I have attempted this in previous versions of the game from tactics I’ve found online which ran something along these lines:

         AFa PFs

APS                     Ws 

      BWMd RPMs

FBs CD  BPDd    FBs


Any advice would be greatly appreciated in trying to at least start developing a tactic that includes these rapid long ball counters with what looks like pressing starting near the midline rather than high up pitch. When looking at Hassenhutl in the game it even shows that his style is route one, which I know isn’t exactly what he does in real life, but he does focus a lot on long balls and second balls rather than short possession tactics. 

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If you want those very fast attacking transitions with long balls forward, I would advise to re-think the front four duties. Right now, you have 3 on support out of 4, which means they'll generally come deeper during the transitions. I would switch that ratio around. Additionally, you have no less than two ball magnets and neither of them is a forward. Again, not conducive to long ball football. As for the CM's, more static roles would be my suggestion. These guys will have a LOT on them, you basically need two Makelele's there. An interesting consideration is to put them to the DM strata.

I've only watched the first video, and based on that, here's how I would set it up:

                 AF                        PF(s)/TM(s)

IW(a)/T                                                     W(a)

                CM(d)                  CM(s)

WB(s)       NCB                  BPD               FB(s)


Attacking mentality, more direct passing, counter-press, counter, more urgent pressing seem like a must.

Will watch the other video later and get back to this.

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