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Champions League tactics

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Are you looking for a plug and play tactic? Or actually looking for advise on developing your own winning tactic? Because those are two questions for two different parts of this forum. And neither has an easy one paragraph answer. If there was a simple answer to this I expect many of us wouldn't even frequent this forum. You do know that some of us, myself included, have not even won a Champions League in FM20, much less with a small club. So basically what you are asking is something that there is no real answer to. It can be done with any tactic provided it fits your players well and it counters the opposition well also.

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2 minutes ago, crusadertsar said:

Iščete taktiko plug and play? Ali pa dejansko iščete nasvet za razvoj lastne taktike zmagovanja? Ker sta to dve vprašanji za dva različna dela tega foruma. In noben nima enostavnega odgovora na en odstavek. Če bi na to imel preprost odgovor, pričakujem, da mnogi od nas ne bi niti obiskali tega foruma. Veste, da nekateri od nas, tudi jaz, v FM20 nismo niti osvojili lige prvakov, še manj pa z majhnim klubom. 


I would like to develop my own tactics I don't know what to watch

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