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Experiences with FFP

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Club had some troubles with FFP. (not my fault) Went to red. Than in early december I got mail that president invested 16M and unnamed sponsor form North America 24M in order to make our troubles go away. It's all good, we're in green again.

But now, winter is coming, mercato is opening, shortlist is full of delights and my fingers are itchy. Was that one time saving? If I go into red again, will they save again? Is it depends from board to board and no common rule? Anyone have experince with those things? I'd also like to know what are punishments for violating FFP? I would not like to be expelled from euro competitions for next season, but if punishment is only financial I wouldn't care about it, as long it's some reasonable amount, lets say not more than 30M.

Or is it better not to poke bear and let it go for now? I do need one or two players (I reduced squad to 18 players in order to control damage, sent away few elderlies with 8-9M wages and pissed off fans :D), but I could survive season without.

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