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Suggestion For Player Progression


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One of my gripes with the game is the difficulty of shaping my players into the forms i want them to take. For older players especially, once they run out of room to grow it is difficult to change their attributes meaningfully. Even great players like Ronaldo changed their role in their career so i would like to see a progression system that facilitates this.

My suggestion is a system based around what i call "Progress Points" and "Attribute Weight".

Progress points are earned through playing time and the practice modules. How many points it takes to up an attribute should be dependent on the quality of the attribute (growing from 1 to 2 takes fewer points than 19 to 20), a players age and their Natural Fitness attribute (For Work Rate and Physicals only ofc).

Attribute Weight is then set by a players individual training. Each Role/Duty combination prioritises certain attributes and dismisses others. An Enganche for example would neglect Tackling and Marking while prioritising Passing And Vision. The priorities of each Role/Duty should be different and let players grow into their specific roles.


Attribute specific individual training should add even more weight onto these attributes rather than providing Progress Points.

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