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European Superleague Creation - Help Wanted in several areas


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Can anyone help me? I've created a working European Superleague which will be great for like, a season of online play, but the infrastructure in Europe needs some serious work if it's to become a viable database for solo play. I'd like to get it up to that standard but I've never created a database before, so was wondering if anyone would like to co-manage the project with me.

This is copied and pasted from Facebook and I'm not sure how to get rid of the black background in the formatting... apologies for this...

I've attached the pics referred to in the text, and the .fmf file, if anyone wants to have a play around with what I've got.

Anyone knowledgeable about Euro Coefficients? Basically, the only country in Europe out of the 55 that doesn't have a domestic league, is Liechtenstein. I edited the country so that it's called "Central European Territory" or, in short, "Nomanzland". I then took the 40 highest-reputation teams in Europe and put them in 2 divisions. Each division has a cup, and there's a bigger cup for both divisions together. The only thing is, the default setting for Liechtenstein if you ever create a league for them, is that they get one team qualifying for the Euro Cup... and that's it.
So, I've tried editing the advanced rules of my two divisions, so that the top 6 all qualify. One of the pics shows how I've tried to do this... basically, there's obviously something wrong because the screenshot from the game shows that I've still got just one Euro Cup qualifier from my divisions.
You'll see from the position of my new country in the rankings that the other thing I've tried is to make my country's Euro coefficient much higher (for which I had to mess about with the archive tool). I looked at England's, and made it better (see another 2 pics). Incidentally, the coefficients for the most recent two seasons were NOT zero when I was done editing, so I'm not sure if maybe they've clashed or something and edited themselves to zero when I rule tested... don't know how that works. Anyway I've changed them back now and they seem to have saved correctly this time.
As you can see, though, it hasn't changed anything. I'm top of the pile in the rankings but still only get one Euro Cup place.
The weird thing is, England still get their full complement of qualifiers despite the fact that their coefficent for the last two seasons was accidentally changed to zero.
So, the only explanation, is that regardless of whether I've done necessary steps to get my end result, there's still something else that needs to be done (or something that needs to be done differently) to make it happen. Does anyone know where I go from here?
If anyone's interested in helping me with some of the stuff I still have to do, my plan is as follows:

  • Have the top eight from the top division qualify for the Champions' League, then the next eight qualify for the Euro Cup.
  • Have the winner of the 2nd division cup qualify for the Euro Cup, the winner of the 1st division cup qualify for the Champions' League qualifying round, and the winner of the both-divisions cup qualify for the Champions' League.
  • Make sure that everyone is in the U23 and U18 leagues and that they're working properly.
  • Change certain club names so that they're not blocked by copyright (eg. Zebre -> Juventus)
  • Either make sure that all players that were homegrown in a club's country of origin (eg. Bayer 04, Germany) still count as homegrown despite now playing in "Nomanzland", OR change the ECC rules to say that you must have 25 players who trained in Europe, as opposed to a specific country, OR have exemption from homegrown rules for clubs from "Nomanzland".
  • Replace the teams in their original countries, making it possible to play their original divisions. So, promote a certain number from the Championship to the Prem, then League One up, then League Two up etc. all the way to the bottom of the League System, until every division has a full complement of clubs in it.
  • There's no relegation from European Superleague 2 at the moment (as there's no domestic league system in place below that) and what I'd ideally like to do is have the bottom 3 teams replaced by the winners of their compatriot clubs' league. So, for example, if Benfica finish bottom of ES2, they're replaced by the Portuguese league winners. If Arsenal and Chelsea also get relegated, they're replaced by the top 2 EPL teams. I realise this may be impossible (to have promotion from one top domestic league into a domestic league in another country) but if there's a way of doing this so that the ES2 and ES1 are continental competitions, but preclude you from taking part in your own country's league, I'd very much like to do that. It would still need to allow for qualification to the Champions' League, though.
Sorry for the essay folks. Please gimme a shout if you're able to help with this.




Qualspots - editor.jpg

Qualspots - game.jpg


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OK so you'll need to recreate the European competitions from scratch if you want Liechtenstein to be able to qualify teams from a domestic league. They're hard-coded in-game to only enter 1 team from their domestic cup. That's also the only way you'll be able to get 16 teams to qualify for Europe from 1 country.

Rebuilding the Champions League will ruin coefficients however.


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