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Overhaul of Backroom Advice


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The backroom advice feature I feel needs a big overhaul and the updates may need to be spread over a few versions even, but I think it is majorly flawed. As an aside and I'm not sure if the two are linked but too many staff have too low attributes for their role.

I understand some Physios and Scouts are better than others but they all have the basics. So maybe over a period there could be an overhaul of the stats in the editor, maybe a default setting so all staff are allocated a decent attribute for their role. 

As an example a scout could be assigned no lower than 13 for judging potential and ability. A Physio is automatically assigned no lower than 13 for Physiotherapy and so on. Any staff with 0 in the editor is assigned these stats. I had a coach for example in one of my games who was an Under 18 coach with "Working with Youngsters" set to 2.

But on to the advice, some of it makes little or no sense and can be annoying, "This player has no business being Transfer Listed" as an example. Often he has been listed because you have a better, younger player in his position and it makes sense to sell the older higher paid player. FFP and all that. 

The "Use Youth Facilities" one, how are you supposed to deal with  that one? Often the offering new contracts advice makes little sense as well. 

Definitely a good feature but maybe needs some work now. 

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