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Created Team From Scratch 🙂 Sign New Players Without Scouting?

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So I created a team from scratch using the database.  I need almost a full roster though.  Is it ok for me to sign players without scouting them to just fill out the team?

My plan is to field a basic for my first season, then during the transfer windows later in the season I will bring new players on board that are good.  Does that make sense?

Also, I need new staff, should I do the same thing - sign some individuals even if they are not that good because we need some staff members since we are a new team?

Building a new team from scratch is great and fun.  Even if it is a lot of work.  I guess that's why they call it Football Manager and not Football Player - LOL!!!  It's so fun to see the product on the field though after you put the work in.

Thanks for any insight.

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a.  You can of course sign players without scouting them but the scout reports will give you an idea of the possible fee involved and their wage demands which should help you.

b. For staff- place an advert and those interested and best qualified  are usually towards the top of the response list.  It will depend on which league and standard you are playing in as to the numbers, but I would have thought that at least one general coach, GK coach, fitness coach and physio would be the minimum requirement

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