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Goalkeeper playing time expectations

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My current backup keeper is unhappy, and he refuses to sign a contract extension. I'm wondering if it is because his agreed playing time is "Backup" but his actual playing time is "Emergency backup". If so, I don't understand the definition of these terms. We just concluded a season in which we won the champions league. He started 4 league matches, 3 domestic cup matches, and one Champions League match. This seems well within the playing time that a backup would receive, especially since my first choice keeper stayed healthy the entire season. The definition given in the game is "Expects to serve as deputy to the first-choice keeper but hopes to play in the occasional match." 

Ok, I'm not telling the full story -- he was also disappointed when I didn't let him go out on loan to some crappy Ligue 2 team. Still, I thought he would have gotten over it when I gave him a solid number of games and he got a Champions League medal.

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I have found that the backup keeper will be happy to serve out one contract term as a backup, but will be looking for more playing time or a move when the second contract is negotiated.  I try and give my backup keeper about 10-15 games a year and play him sometimes in home matches  against weaker opposition

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